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NGS - New Growing System

Founded in 1991, New Growing System SL, is a Spanish company committed to the continuous development of new farming techniques in order to meet the increasing needs for a high yield intensive agriculture in arid and semiarid regions of the planet. This innovative spirit has led NGS to create and develop a growing system aiming the optimization of the already scarce water resources.

NGS - New Growing System NGS - New Growing System

It counts on a multidisciplinary team of experts with broad experience in the sector,
and it has materialized more than 1000 projects in more than 20 countries in four
continents ranging from simple customized installations to complex turn-key projects.

Nowadays, NGS is a leader in high technology production facilities. Not only it has successfully adapted to the new trends but it has also created new automated versions of its “hydroponic recirculating system without soil” what has placed it on the top of technological and horticultural innovation in the sector.