Strawberry Crop

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Multilayer trough for strawberry crop

The strawberry is a crop which due to its characteristics regarding the size, duration of plant and harvesting, requires separate consideration.

The multilayer DUO is specially designed for strawberry crop. It comprises 3 polythene bands forming a superior level and two interior levels.

In the superior level or band there are two lines of holes to lodge the seedlings. These holes are spaced at 20 cm but in this case they are not aligned but arranged in zigzag pattern.

This arrangement of the plants in the lines allows achieving high plantation densities. Regarding the two interior levels, these are linked among them facilitating thus the creation of the necessary room for the root system of the plants when reaching their adult size.

This link also contributes to the essential oxygenation of nutrient solution and root thanks to the small cascades generated due to the internal perforated holes of these interior bands.

Arrangement of the crop lines

The arrangement of the crop lines is also essential for a better use of the growing surface and therefore for higher plantation densities.

The NGS system, thanks to its versatility allows reducing the space between the crop lines achieving thus this increase in plantation density.

NGS offers two different systems for strawberry crop: Fixed system and Oscillating system

Fixed support system

The fixed system, consists of arranging the crop lines resting on supports anchored on the ground. These supports will be approximately 1, 10 m high and placed in line each 2, 5 m leaving a separation between lines which may range from 60 cm to 1 m.

Multilayer trough for strawberry crop
Multilayer trough for strawberry crop

Fixed support and frontal and lateral views of the arrangement of lines (The distance between lines is just orientated and it may vary)

Multilayer trough for strawberry crop

A planting density of up to 96.000 plants /ha can be achieved with this system.

Oscillating system

The crop lines are arranged in an elevated way, held by cables and to an appropriate height allowing the workers to walk under them comfortably. The corridors are not necessary for carrying out the different tasks.

Multilayer trough for strawberry crop

Frontal view of the diagram of the arrangement of lines

The lines are placed to the same height with a separation of 50 cm one from another and fastened to elevated axes by steel cables.

The steel cables holding the lines roll on motorized axes which are capable, while rolling, of moving up and down every each other line.

Some of the lines move up and the others move down at the same time and in alternating order. Thus the more elevated ones form corridors which let the work in the lower ones and once it is finished the order is reversed.

Once all the labours have been finished all the lines are placed back at the same level in order to avoid the shading between the plants.

Multilayer trough for strawberry crop

A planting density of up to 200.000 plants per ha can be achieved with this system.