Large crops

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Multilayer through for large crops

The multilayer through 4 CP is the model used for this type of crops.

It is made of 4 polythene bands; with them a superior level and three inner levels are made up. The superior level or band offers a line of holes to lodge the seedlings.

These holes are spaced at 40 cm. The three inner levels are linked among them facilitating thus creating the necessary room for the root system of the plants when reaching their adult size.

This link also contributes to the essential oxygenation of nutrient solution and root thanks to the small cascades generated due to the internal perforated holes of these internal bands.

Multilayer through for large crops

Arrangement of crop lines

As being plants of big size, it is necessary to separate even more the crop lines one from another in order to avoid the shading between lines and ensure enough space for the auxiliary machinery necessary for this type of crops.

Therefore, the distance between lines must be of 1,60 m.

Multilayer through for large crops

Frontal view of the diagram of the arrangement of lines

Fixed support system for large crops

The crop lines are created by means of M shaped supports which rest on the ground each 2,5 m, thus creating the aligned bases on which the multilayer trough lines will be placed.

The distance between the support lines will be the one mentioned above.

Multilayer through for large crops
Multilayer through for large crops

Support M shaped and lateral view of the arrangements of the supports on the lines

Multilayer through for large crops

This system allows achieving plantation densities which range from 15.000 and 30.000 plants/ha

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