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Crops in the desert. NGS Hydroponic System for Extreme Weather

Crops in the desert. NGS Hydroponic System for Extreme Weather


Climate change is accelerating the loss of agricultural land and harming agriculture in arid and semi-arid areas. The only way to maintain production in these types of places is with new technologies that guarantee success of crops in the desert.

The production of crops in the desert and arid lands have its advantages such as the low levels of diseases and pests, it allows the application of simple phytosanitary teatment or the introduction of auxiliary organisms, as well as easier evaporation of saltwater and manual weeding.


NGS System for Extreme Weather

To make growing possible in these conditions, NGS has developed technology especially for extreme climates. It is based on NGS polyethylene recirculation channels, which are used worldwide to grow horticultural crops on substrate without soil. This technique is designed with a focus on economic feasibility, production parameters, and large-scale commercial production.

The new extended extreme weather system is based on this proven technique. Thanks to new innovations, the team has managed to cool the growing room without using water. This makes this system a milestone in water efficiency.

The cooling is thanks to the 5.94 MW off-grid microgrid system which is equipped. The off-grid microgrid combines solar photovoltaic and diesel power generation, battery energy storage, electrical and electronic equipment with real-time microgrid management and control of the greenhouse operation.