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NGS launches its new Rotational System, adaptable to any greenhouse, as a solution to obtaining a much higher yield per harvest.

NGS launches its new Rotational System, adaptable to any greenhouse, as a solution to obtaining a much higher yield per harvest.


New Growing System has presented its new Rotational System, adaptable to any greenhouse and with the possibility of being installed outdoors if weather conditions allow, as a solution to obtaining almost double the production per harvest.

This launch highlights the commitment that NGS has with R&D working on new products that respond to the demands of producers.

The new Rotational System, which has been created for cultivating strawberries, uses NGS's Multiband gutter system which allows to increase the number of linear meters of cultivation per hectare by almost double the plantion density.

The multiband is used in over 36 million plants in 18 different countries with excellent results and an average increase of 15% per year.

The Rotational NGS System, which is anchored to the floor, does not need the greenhouse structure to support the crop. The Rotational NGS System can be installed inside any greenhouse or tunnel as well as outdoors as long as the varieties and the climate allows for this.

Better exposure to sunlight

Another advantage is that the Rotational NGS System allows the cultivation lines to be placed in the best position to obtain exposure to sunlight, this will improve the production per plant.

There are several aspects that influence the rate of photosynthetic activity of plants, one of the most relevant is the separation between the plants.

The production of each plant is directly related to the surface in which it develops and this in turn, is influenced by other factors for example, type of variety, environmental conditions, etc. Reducing this surface will have negative consequences on the productive capacity of each plant.

With the NGS® Rotational System the area is not limited, since the extra plants per hectare occupy the corridors that are used for collecting.

Thanks to this innovative design, the productive capacity of each plant is perfect and the production per hectare will highly increase without risking the quality of the fruits.

Advantages of the Rotational NGS System

  1. It does not affect the production capacity of each plant since it does not reduce the “vital” space.
  2. It can be installed under any greenhouse structure, even outdoors if the variety and environmental conditions allow it.
  3. It can easily adapt to the irregular perimeters of the plots, taking advantage of the area.
  4. Appropriate position for photosynthesis of the plants automatically throughout the day. There is a manual alternative that does not need electricity.
  5. Facilitates the harvesting and improves the yields, since the workers have within their reach a greater number of fruits without the need to move from the site. This will result in a significant reduction in the cost of collection.
  6. The density per hectare increases substantially although it will depend on the variety of plant and the greenhouse format. This can vary between 150,000 and 200,000 plants per hectare.

Environmental Sustainability

The Rotational NGS System optimizes the use of resources by saving water and fertilizers; protects the environment as it eliminates the contamination of nitrates, phosphates and other pesticides that filter through to aquifers and maintains one of the lowest carbon and water footprints on the market.