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NGS and Arab Authority for Agriculture AAAID sign MOU

NGS and Arab Authority for Agriculture AAAID sign MOU


NGS Oasis Agrotechnologies has signed a MOU with the  Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development AAAID for cooperation in new projects in the Arab countries. AAAID seeks to improve food security in 21 states by promoting and supporting projects based in modern technologies. NGS Oasis is the leading company in the GCC specialised in the design, manufacturing and construction of greenhouses for year round production equipped with hydroponic systems and high yield techniques. This set of technologies integrated mean a customised model of horticulture for the arid and extremely arid climate regions, with unbeatable marks in water efficiency, sustainability and economic viability. AAAID has recognised this model as essential for the fulfilment of its goals in the Arab countries and decided to adopt it in the new projects to develop.

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