New Growing System enters Bulgarian market


Happy Fruits, aware of the need to enhance productivity and open new market lines in Bulgaria to supply the domestic market, looked into hydroponics and European hydroponics suppliers with the idea of reaching new heights in their crop yield and business development. After assessing multiple quotes and technical proposals, they selected NGS’s option due to our company’s experience and engineering solvency. Due to the remarkable results of their first few harvests using NGS-berry, Happy Fruits decided to further rely on New Growing System and expand the application of our product to new strawberry fields. As one of the leading innovators of Hydroponics in Europe, NGS are happy to take on this new challenge with our Bulgarian partner.

Happy Fruits, company based in Novo Selo, Bulgaria, is an important producer of apples, grapes and cherries, amongst other crops. In collaborating with us, Happy Fruits has a clear goal: to undertake strawberry production using NGS-berry in a controlled environment, equipping their greenhouses with heating devices to ensure year round production. To support Happy Fruits expansion and growth, New Growing System engineers analyzed annual weather and sunlight conditions in the area to determine the most suitable greenhouse equipment for Novo Selo. In addition to supplying Happy Fruits with technology, our agronomical team provided them with crop consultancy services, designing a growing strategy which favored a plant density of up to 21 pl/m2 during winter in two levels (oscillating) without artificial lighting, even when solar radiation is low. This innovative solution allowed the client to obtain groundbreaking results, something which increased our motivation to further research and enhance our customer service.