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Our Dedication

We collaborate with Gogarsa to develop and integrate last-generation greenhouses into any of our projects worldwide. Our greenhouse models are known for high resistance, maximized productive surface and inner volume, as well as great light conditions. All these factors contribute to higher crop yields.

Our 25+ years of experience on the marketplace have allowed us to test our greenhouses in different countries and multiple weather conditions. The data collected has being used by our R&D unit to create greenhouses of great robustness, high versatility, excellent ventilation (up to 40 % of surface) and long life. All these characteristics make our greenhouses a safe option for your investment.

Greenhouse Features

Optimal Design



Air Circulation


Climate Control

Fertigation Header


Types of Greenhouses

gothic greenhouse
Gothic Greenhouse
Open Top Greenhouse
Open Top Greenhouse
Round Arch Greenhouse
Round Arch Greenhouse
Tropical Greenhouse
Tropical Greenhouse

Our greenhouse model features 12-meter tunnels, reinforced structural design, bilayer tunnels, perimeter ventilation and zenith ventilation system allowing a cover opening of up to 95 %. These features make our products one of the most complete and suitable greenhouses for creation of microclimates favoring optimal crop growth.

Another important component is the automated high performance cultivation system, designed by NGS to service large plantation densities and achieve increased business model profitability.

Greenhouse Projects