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Oscillating strawberries: technology and reliability for the excellent profitability

 NGS oscillating system allows up to 300,000 plants per hectare, five times more than the traditional density


Strawberry crop is one of the specialties of New Growing System, which is capable of developing high-tech projects in which reliability, profitability and sustainability go hand in hand.


One sample is the NGS Oscillating System, which allows housing up to 300,000 suspended plants per hectare, with densities that are four to five times those of traditional cultivation.


Another advantage is that the system is suspended and facilitates therefore ergonomics in maintenance and harvesting tasks, since the operator works in an upright position, gaining comfort.


At the same time, it allows a better visual control of the crop, as well as a greater rationality of the resources by requiring a smaller production area than that of a conventional crop to achieve the same production.


One of the differentiating aspects of NGS is the agronomic advice and technical support it they offers. In this way, we can achieve excellence in production managing the main fertigation parameters. Thus, obtaining a product of greater uniformity, cleanliness and early growth.


But, in addition, New Growing System has taken a qualitative leap in terms of production thanks to the new NGS Rotational System. This company innovation automatically positions the crop in the most suitable location for photosynthesis, without limiting the harvesting work.

NGS has successfully implemented its strawberry system in numerous countries, adjusting every project to the needs of each client, regardless of the weather, since its technology is capable of adapting even to extreme hot and cold climates.