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High-tech greenhouses, turnkey projects.

NGS high-tech greenhouses are specially designed structures that offer a profitable productive solution for the agri-food industry.

At NGS we offer high-tech greenhouses adapted to the needs of our clients:


Different high-tech greenhouse solutions adapted to the needs of our customers.

Different models available:


Gothic greenhouse

It is a very resistant state-of-the-art greenhouse that provides a larger useful growing area and a greater volume of air thanks to its wide tunnel width.


Open top greenhouse (with interchangeable plastic cover)

The main feature of the Open top greenhouse is its innovative gable roof system specifically designed to achieve maximum light capture. In this way, we achieve at the same time the highest aeration capacity on the market. It is a totally versatile model with a very high adaptability.



Round Arch Greenhouse

Traditional model, it is a reference in the world of greenhouses. Strong and resistant like the most, it allows all kinds of enclosures and vents.

invernadero arco redondo 

Tropical Greenhouse

The tropical greenhouse is light and strong, easy to install and allows great ventilation. In addition, it is especially suitable for tropical climates.

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Greenhouse climate control

NGS high-tech greenhouses achieve optimal climatic stability, thanks to the ventilation system, great luminosity, greater air volume and perfect thermal insulation.

Therefore, an adequate study of the energy balance of the farm allows a better control of the temperature inside the farm, which translates into an increase in quality and quantity in the harvests.

Technology in every piece

Special attention when selecting materials for our pieces and strict compliance with current regulations determine the quality of our products.

Turnkey projects

We are specialized in carrying out turnkey projects, providing the necessary equipment for the start-up of any production system, anywhere in the world.

The NGS high-tech greenhouses have been tested in different countries of the world with very varied climates and all of them have shown that the NGS greenhouses are the best and most profitable bet for the future.