Hydroponic Equipment Suppliers
NGS supply commercial hydroponic technology worldwide
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As a specialist hydroponic equipment supplier, NGS provides the innovative technology needed to ensure optimal facility performance and increased production in turnkey projects around the world. Today’s greenhouses are structures containing hi-tech, used for various purposes: programmable actuators to ventilate greenhouses, fans to extract hot air, as well as temperature and light sensors to maintain ideal microclimate conditions. These features, amongst others, drive enhanced yield and fruit quality.

New Growing System also supplies auxiliary equipment and material needed for smooth site operation, including trays, water pumps, piping and inflatable covers.

In our Plus (+) models, we also supply control panels and harvesting stations, with the aim to ensure a fully automated production process from cradle to grave.

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Our new high performance Automated System Plus (+)

Another important component of New Growing System are the high performance automated systems designed by NGS to include large densities of plantations and greater profitability.