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Hydroponic strawberry cultivation with the NGS system

The NGS system for hydroponic strawberry cultivation can be installed in any greenhouse, as it is self-sufficient for its operation. By working in a closed circuit, it allows all parameters to be controlled at any time, thus achieving significant savings in water, fertilizers, phytosanitary products and in agricultural work.

In addition, with the NGS system for hydroponic strawberry cultivation, a greater use of the surface to be cultivated is achieved.

The hydroponic cultivation of strawberry NGS in Portugal

One of the successful examples of the NGS system for hydroponic strawberry cultivation is found in the Portuguese company, Seaberry. NGS incorporated the strawberry hydroponic system into this company three years ago. The director of Seaberry, Gonçalo Assis Lopes, recounts his experience during this time with the New Growing System.

This project has one hectare of greenhouse with an oscillating and suspended NGS hydroponic system, with which a production of up to 300,000 plants / hectare is achieved without the need for artificial light.

After three hydroponic strawberry growing campaigns, Assis highlights sustainability, economic viability and technological advance as the main advantages of this system.

The technical support and agronomic advice offered by NGS are the keys to achieving a highly differentiated crop quality. In this way, a product of greater uniformity and cleanliness is obtained, in addition to showing more earliness in its growth.

 To achieve this production excellence, NGS technicians provide constant advice and support, helping to manage driving and nutrition in the best possible way.

In addition, Assis highlights the planting density offered by the NGS system, equivalent to 4 or 5 times a traditional system. Likewise, Seaberry has proven the ergonomics offered by the system, where the operator always works in a comfortable and upright position, never crouching. In addition, it allows a better control at a visual level and the reduction of the production area allows a rationalization of resources.

At NGS we are experts in optimizing crops thanks to our hydroponic growing systems. We offer solutions tailored to our clients, from simple custom growing systems to complex turnkey projects. If you are interested in implementing this technology in your company, please contact us and we will advise you without obligation.