NGS develops comprehensive greenhouse services, offering all-embracing solutions to meet customer needs. Our international experience allows us to understand a larger number of climates and crops.

NGS, aware of the challenges faced by each client, has a multidisciplinary team which carries out comprehensive project analyses, offering different solutions and supporting clients in every project phase (design, planning, development, commissioning and stabilization) with the aim to maximize investment profits.



NGS greenhouses are high-tech structures offering productive, profitable solutions to the agrofood industry



NGS supplies auxiliary equipment needed for adequate facility performance and increase of production quality and quantity.



Agronomic Consultancy

NGS advises clients based on our experience in the design, planning, development, supply and installation of farming equipment.

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Greenhouse Installation

We employ a specialized team of installers who participates in various project stages, from greenhouse concept to commissioning.

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Strategic Consultancy

NGS, based on its experience in different industry areas, offers clients a project analysis and development service to ensure production quality and quantity. This service covers a wide range, from basic aspects to advanced cultivation techniques.

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Crop Management

We support farmers to plan, supervise and assess cultivation activities, from planting to irrigation or harvesting, with the aim to enhance both product quality and yield.