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Max Pro, high-performance automated crop solutions

NGS’s automated system assures highest rendering

Talking about productivity and profitability in high-performance greenhouse crops is synonymous of Max Pro, a new industrial greenhouse concept designed for large productions, with the aim of optimizing the entire process, from sowing to harvesting.

It is an automated system with maximum reliability, both in terms of programming and performance, which allows to achieve enormous commercial use, achieving a product of high quality, cleanliness and uniformity, which in turn entails the advantage of a very reduced labour cost.

Hence, another benefit of the Max Pro system is the possibility of adjusting productions to a precise calendar. At the same time, it allows to have a minimum team of workers, who would be in charge of the production tasks and the crops continuously.

In addition, the automation of the crop reduces the parameters of water and fertilizer consumption, in a clear commitment to sustainability and the reduction of the carbon footprint. With Max Pro, production can reach 3 million plants per hectare per year, with a commercial use of 95%, triggering profitability in horticultural crops.

The Max Pro has two versions: Leaf and Baby Leaf. Specifically, Max Pro Baby Leaf is capable of accommodating 27,200 trays per hectare with two growing cycles per year and a yield of 163 tons per year of ‘young shoots’.

For its part, Max Pro Leaf is based on the recirculating hydroponic system patented by NGS and allows continuous rotation up to 10 cycles per year, with a planting density of more than 300,000 plants per hectare and cycle.