Maximum production and minimum energy expenditure for super-intensive strawberry and blueberries


Super-intensive crops need a technology in accordance with the high degree of demand they have, and the NGS System is perfect for this, representing a competitive advantage in the cultivation of berries.

In the case of blueberry cultivation with the new Recirculating Hydroponic System, it offers a density of 10,000 plants per hectare, with planting frames according to the variety, with a lower volume of substrate than we use in pots, and with less water and fertilizer consumption.

Other benefits of betting on this system is, for example, the very low energy expenditure, with up to 4 irrigations a day only, as well as greater control over the crop to advance or delay the production, as well as to improve the size and brix degrees.

The objective is to achieve the maximum production per square meter with better use of space, fewer problems with pests and diseases due to its greater aeration, and earlier production, since we can harvest around 500 grams the first year per plant, and from 2 to 3 kilos per plant from the second year on.

In addition, the harvesting tasks are more comfortable and faster, as the plants are placed at 40 centimeters from the ground, which is an advantage when planning agricultural tasks.

In the case of strawberries, the NGS Rotational System responds to the needs of producers, who require greater profitability in their facilities without having to make relevant changes to the equipment they already use in a conventional way.

Like the rest of the systems, it employs the Multiband NGS Duo, a guarantee that gives excellent results in all countries of the world where it is been used. The New Growing System R&D department has designed a model that, in just 6.5 meters wide macro tunnel, introduces 10 growing lines. This innovation supposes 15,300 linear meters of cultivation per hectare, that is, 153,000 pl / ha with a separation between plants of 20 cm, or 204,000 pl/ha when the separation between plants is 15 centimeters.

The NGS Rotational System automatically positions the crop in the most suitable location for photosynthesis, making possible a very easy harvesting, without limiting the production capacity of each plant.

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