MaxPro is a new concept in high yielding horticulture farming.


All the basic factors which modern agriculture demands quality, density, control, savings and production- are present in MaxPro.

One of its main components is a strong greenhouse specially designed to achieve the optimal use of the surface and with enough capacity to host any type of automation for crops.

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Tunnels twelve meters wide, extra reinforced structural design, double chapel in each tunnel, perimeter ventilation and zenith ventilation system which allows a cover opening of up to 95 %. All these features, turn this greenhouse one of the more complete and suitable models for the creation of microclimates which achieve the maximum development of crops.

A modern, automated high performance system which allows high planting densities is the other component of Max Pro system.

NGS has developed high performance systems, specially indicated for this type of greenhouse. The fusion between these systems and this special type of greenhouse has given as a result highly cost-effective products for a future business model.

Baby Leaf, MaxPro and Leaf MaxPro are the high performance systems developed by NGS.

Baby Leaf MaxPro and Leaf MaxPro are these new products.

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Automated system which hosts up to 27.200 seedling trays/ha, in a continuous rotation of 12 cycles per year, delivering annual yields of up to 163 Tn/Ha of Baby Leaf.

Maximum reliability in the planning and performance of commercial production of high quality, clean and uniform baby leaves.

(Estimated data for Mediterranean climate)

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Based on the substrateless recirculating hydroponic NGS system the Leaf MaxPro allows to rotate up to 10 cycles/year* of leafy crops with more than 300.000 plants/Ha each.

An automated growing system which permits to optimize those parameters which determine the profitability of the farm, such as, water and fertilizers consumption, labor costs, number of production cycles/year, commercial yield, etc.

This production system allows production up to 3 million of plants per hectare and year, with top quality and a commercial yield of up to 95%.

(* Depending on variety and weather conditions. Estimated data for Mediterranean climate)