MaxPro is a new concept of high-yield crops in greenhouses

Innovation and development at NGS have resulted in the launch of MaxPro, a concept combining all factors of modern agriculture: quality, density, control, savings, production, technology and sustainability.

New concept of high performance cultivation

One of the components of MaxPro is a robust greenhouse designed to optimize surface usage and enable the use of automated cultivation systems.

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This greenhouse model features 12-meter tunnels, reinforced structural design, bilayer tunnels, perimeter ventilation and zenith ventilation system allowing a cover opening of up to 95 %. These features make MaxPro one of the most complete and suitable greenhouses for creation of microclimates favoring optimal crop growth.

Another important component of MaxPro is the automated high performance cultivation systems, designed by NGS to service large plantation densities and achieve increased business model profitability.

Baby Leaf MaxPro & Leaf MaxPro: New production concept.

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It is an automated, easy-to-program, high-performing system comprised of up to 27,200 trays per hectare. In a year, production is structured in 12 cycles and reaches up to 163 metric tons of quality, clean and uniform baby leaves.

(Data estimated for Mediterranean climate)

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Based on NGS’s recirculating hydroponic system, Leaf MaxPro optimizes water and fertilizer consumption, reducing labor costs and enhancing quality, profitability (commercial yield of up to 95%) and production, which can reach up to 3 million plants per hectare and year.

(Depending on varieties and weather conditions. Data estimated for Mediterranean climate)