NGS berry news16 05

NGS-berry product line doubles Strawberry crop yield with same space.

This NGS product line, currently used in the UK, Portugal and Southern Spain, has proven highly productive for strawberry producers.

This new rotational system for strawberries developed and patented by NGS, doubles production and automatically positions crops in the most suitable location to optimize solar radiation exposure and favor photosynthesis. The layout of this system is another advantage, as it does not interfere with harvesting and makes fruit collection easier and more efficient.

 This system is in high demand in strawberry producing regions, such as Southwest Spain, and offers great potential for markets such as Canada, US, Japan, Korea and the UK. One of the greatest benefits of this system is that strawberry producers can increase profitability and production two-fold without the need to expand their facilities. This system uses NGS’s Multiband Duo, a unique component worldwide which yields excellent growing results for strawberries.

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