ngs pitaya scaled

The NGS Hanging Hydroponic System, the best tool to produce the fashion crop

Pitaya has become a fashionable crop in recent months. Mainly because of the good price that this fruit has in most markets, whose demand has been growing in recent years, since it is considered by nutritionists as a healthy product, with a high content of fiber and antioxidants.

NGS collaborates in the development of a new production system for pitaya. Its R+D+i department offers farmers an innovative, profitable and highly productive tool.

The NGS Hydroponic hanging system for Pitaya is characterized by its early production, reaching to harvest pitaya even in the first year of planting. This is possible because the plant is placed in the NGS system at a height of 2 meters, and not at ground level as is done in the conventional way. Avoiding having to carry out trellising or leaf removal of the plant during the first months and even years, since this crop with this system grows from top to bottom, hanging its leaves by gravity. As it does not need to perform leaf removal work on the basal part, it encourages it to generate flowering and production earlier than in any other cultivation system.

This gives the possibility of incorporating up to 10,000 pitaya plants per Hectare, thanks to the better use of light and soil, being able to incorporate cultivation lines every 2 meters apart, without the need to incorporate a complementary trellis system such as steel mesh. that are used in conventional crops.

As the NGS hydroponic system is recirculating, it will give us the possibility to save as much as possible on such important resources as water and fertilizers.

NGS aspires to turn this hanging system for Pitaya into an alternative for any farmer seeking to increase the production and quality of this crop, adapting to any type of greenhouse.