System NGS​

System NGS

The NGS System is a hydroponic recirculating system without soil, specially designed for horticultural crops, whether small or large.

NGS system allows crops to develop in an optimum environment, receiving the accurate amount of water, oxygen and nutrients needed.

It can be installed either outdoors or indoors regardless the characteristics of the ground.

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Advantages of working with NGS

NGS system is a complete integrated system capable to grow any horticultural crop on it –vegetables, leafy crops, flowers…

It achieves an optimized use of the surface, higher planting densities and more growing cycles per year. Furthermore planting and harvesting can be carried out simultaneously, it promotes crop earliness, high quality products are obtained and many other advantages that the farmer will continue finding out as time passes.

NGS system, as working in a closed-circuit, allows controlling all the parameters at every moment while saving water, fertilizers, chemical consumption and farm labors.

It is light, easy to install and adaptable to any type of surface.

All of this makes NGS system a sustainable, technologically efficient and economically competitive system focused on achieving a higher productivity.

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Irrigation and Drainages


Irrigation system used in NGS must fulfill the following requirements:
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With NGS system, savings in water and fertilizer are possible thanks to channeling of drainages in the lines whose aim is the recovery and reuse of nutrient solution.
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At the end of every single line a collector is placed so that the excess solution is collected and sent to drainage pipes which lead it back to the place it came from in order to be reused.

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The system

The system, is created from a masterful piece, the multi-layer, specifically designed to lodge the rooting system of the plants and to facilitating them to reach its optimal development.

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It is made of a series of interconected layers, which create a circuit at different levels, generating small cascades, whose main mission is to favor the oxygenation of the nutritious solution and the plants.

One of the main virtues of NGS system, is its capacity to induce the development of strong rooting systems, which result in plants of maximum productive potential and resistance against diseases.

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Multilayer trough types

NGS manufactures currently three different types of multilayer trough suitable for all kind of crops.

Especially designed for leafy crops: lettuce, spinach, chard, celery, cabbage, aromatic plants, etc.

For those crops which develop a big root system: tomato, pepper, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber, etc.

Especially designed for strawberry crop.

Steel Latticework

The multilayer through, as being a flexible product , requires to be combined with another element which provides it with enough rigidity to be placed in any area or surface.

This element is referred at NGS as “Steel latticework” and it is simply a light iron structure but at the same time very resistant.

It is a product widely used in the construction and therefore readily available on the market. The steel latticework apart from providing the multilayer trough with the necessary rigidity to be placed also protects it against unexpected blows.

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