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New Growing System’s soil-less recirculating hydroponic cultivation system is perfect for all types of horticulture crops, whether small or large, and can be installed in multiple sites and terrains, both outdoors or in a greenhouse.


Since no soil is used, our system enables accurate environmental control of crops, which receive the water, oxygen and nutrients they need, and yield products with the following characteristics: excellent quality, great taste, perfect size, uniformity, longer shelf life, clean, ready for consumption and without any need for manipulation.

Advantages of our

Hydroponic Cultivation System

Complete, integrated, light and easy to install

Adaptable to all terrain types of horticulture crops

Increased plantation density, cultivation cycles per year

Simultaneous harvesting and plantation

Optimized cultivation surface and cycle duration

Enhanced product quality and shelf life

Ongoing monitoring of plantation parameters

Sustainable, efficient and competitive.

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