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R & D: Success of the cherry tomato trial with recirculating system in Portugal

The results of the cherry tomato trial carried out in Portugal has been qualified as a success, the application in the Portuguese country of the NGS recirculating system, an innovation that only NGS develops and provides.

Precisely, to show the results, open days were organized, which aroused great interest among professionals in the sector, who were able to verify on the ground the important advantages of this system over other similar ones.

The outstanding data obtained with the Horto Descanso LDA greenhouse, has to do with production, thanks to the exclusive NGS multiband gutter system, it was possible to anticipate planting two weeks ahead of time, in addition of obtaining a homogeneous production throughout all the development of the crop.

In fact, the visitors highlighted the excellent formation of the tomatoes, the good size and color as well as the high organoleptic qualities. In addition, the easy assimilation of nutrients did not require foliar applications to compensate for nutritional deficiencies.
The test, carried out 100% with the NGS recirculating system using the ‘Juanita’ variety of cherry tomato, has among its advantages that it is more economical (only with the multiband or with the incorporated lattice), its greater simplicity and speed of installation, and savings in labor costs.

Although other positive aspects also stand out, such as not needing products for the disinfection of irrigation water or cleaning treatments and above all, a longer useful life of the system.
In addition, it provides 100% efficient management of water and nutrients and, as it is a recirculating system, no water goes to the ground or to the aquifers, which affects the environmental sustainability of the system.

Ensayo cherry portugal scaled

Cherry tomato with recirculating system in Portugal

The use of chemical products against pests or diseases is totally reduced, promoting the use of organic products, in addition to being a clean system that allows a more effective and economical control for consumer health.

New Growing System assures that the NGS recirculating system is the best option for hydroponic cherry tomato cultivation in Portugal, adapted to the demands of each client, and with the technical advice of the company as a guarantee of higher productivity and performance.