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Recirculating Hydroponic Culture System as a solution to the new EU regulations

The EU urges to take certain steps towards a healthier and more sustainable food system. This is the main reason of implementing the European strategy “From the Field to the Table”, a key piece for the most ambitious European Green Pact.

Given the new EU regulations, the NGS recirculating hydroponic cultivation system is an alternative to adapt to the established requirements.

The EU considers that the use of pesticides and fertilizers are polluting the soil, water and air, in addition to potentially affecting the healthiness of food. They are also an important part of the production costs, reducing the profitability for the producer, while making food more expensive for consumers. Both problems are mitigated with the new strategy.

Inevitably, among the measures that will most directly affect vegetable growers is the reduction of pesticides and fertilizers. In relation to this aspect, the EU has set the following objectives for 2030:

  • 50% reduction in the use of chemical pesticides.
  • 50% limitation on the use of the most dangerous pesticides.
  • Decrease of at least 50% of the leaching of fertilizers.
  • Reduction of at least 20% in the use of overall fertilizers.

Thanks to NGS technology of recirculating hydroponics without substrate, growers don’t have to wait until 2030 to benefit in this food system.

With NGS’s recirculating hydroponic growing system, production costs are reduced and yields improve. In addition, it will benefit to the consumer, by having healthier and more affordable products on their tables as well as the environment, complying with all of these new requirements.

NGS’s model is a complete integrated system, ideal for all types of fruit and vegetable crops. The system works in a closed circuit with full control of all parameters, achieving significant savings in water, fertilizers, plant protection products and in agricultural work.
The NGS system has a low environmental impact since it complies with all regulations without leaving chemicals in the the land to created environmental damage.