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Rotational System for Tunnels

Strawberry producers in Huelva are using NGS’s new rotational system which has doubled their production. Businessmen and farmers in Huelva, Spain are setting up facilities with NGS’s latest innovation, which will almost double production.


The NGS rotational system meets the needs of strawberry producers, who require greater profitability in their facilities without having to invest in relevant changes in the equipment they already have.


NGS has presented its latest innovation, the rotational cultivation system, specially designed for strawberries ‘Huelva type’ macro tunnels.


The rotational system is part of the already long family of systems developed by New Growing Systems. Like the rest of the developments, the fundamental element of this novelty is the widely used Multiband NGS Duo, with excellent results in many countries around the world.


The novelty that this system incorporates in just 6.5 meters wide, (normal width of the Huelva-type macro tunnel), 10 cultivation lines, which translates into 15,300 linear meters of cultivation per hectare. In other words, 153,000 pl / ha with a 20 cm spacing between plants, or 204,000 pl / ha when the spacing between plants is 15 centimeters.


The NGS Rotational System automatically positions the crop in the most suitable location for photosynthesis, so that production capacity of each plant is not limited.