New Growing System offers comprehensive services and all-embracing solutions to meet customer needs.

Our international experience allows us to understand a larger number of climates and crops.

Aware of the challenges faced by each client, NGS are specialist Hydroponic Equipment Suppliers employing a multidisciplinary team which analyzes project specifications to offer effective solutions and support clients throughout the phases of design, planning, development, commissioning and stabilization, all with the aim to maximize investment profits.


Agronomic Consultancy

Strategic Advise

Crop Management

NGS puts its experience in the design, planning, development, supply and installation of farming equipment at the disposal of our clients. Aware that each client is different, our team of consultants customizes our solutions to ensure clients can maximize their production.

Our expertise in various countries is translated into the suggestion of solutions which allow farmers to plan, supervise and assess cultivation activities, from planting to irrigation or harvesting, with the aim to enhance both product quality and yield.
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asistencia agronomica servicios


Greenhouse Installation

System Design

Site Commissioning

NGS employs a specialized team of engineers who assess producer requirements to design facilities that integrate customer specifications, from greenhouse concept to equipment commissioning and phase development.
Once the design is finalized, NGS can supply our team of installers or supervise installation by a third party, ensuring procedure adherence and fine-tuning onsite implementation to ensure facilities are built in accordance with the highest quality standards.
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