Invernadero NGS en Atlanta EE.UU 1

US companies choose NGS’s recirculating system for organic lettuce and aromatic cultivation

NGS has started the first phase of a project to build high-tech hydroponic greenhouses, equipped with its innovative Recirculating System, for the production of lettuce and aromatics in the United States.

The project, which is being built in Atlanta (Georgia) for the Cornucopia Farms company, is designed for organic cultivation on about 15 acres (6 hectares), although the initial phase is being done on a 5,200 m2 greenhouse facilities.

Cornucopia Farms bases its production on sustainable access to fresh and local organic products, through hydroponic cultivation, using the most innovative production systems in the world, such as those of NGS’s.

The company is committed to hydroponics, which is used in more than 1,200 farms, with benefits such as optimizing the water use, irrigation without contaminating the land, reducing the carbon footprint in a controlled growth environment which provides higher quality of nutrients and the possibility of producing throughout the year, increasing profitability.