NGS® System

Recirculating Hydroponic System

The NGS® system is a 100% recirculating hydroponic system enabling hybrid application with specific substrates.

How does it work?

The system relies on a set of key elements and their management, with the multilayer gutter being paramount as it houses the root system and favors optimal plant development. It is made up of interconnected layers which create a multi-level circuit generating small cascades which oxygenate both the nutrient solution and plant roots.

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The NGS® system is based on the circulation of a nutrient solution inside a set of polyethylene bands.

Bag arrangement is such that the nutrient solution, after flowing through a bag section of variable length depending on the model, passes or falls down to the next level through holes/orifices on the bag side or bottom. This generates a cascade effect which oxygenates the nutrient solution and, in turn, the roots.

This recirculating system does not only provide for healthier plants. But also ensures that all irrigation water excess is collected at the end of each crop line and returned to a nutrient solution tank for analysis and reuse.

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What makes up an NGS®?

An NGS® adapts to cultivation systems with various degrees of complexity, with the aim to meet both customer and crop needs. In other words, the multilayer gutter can be customized to the fruit and vegetable cultivation requirements of each geographical area and existing infrastructures.

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Multilayer gutter cultivation

Nutrient solution

Intermittent irrigation

NGS® is a recirculating system which returns the nutrient solution not absorbed by the plant back to the tank for usage in the next irrigation cycle.

Water savings ranging between 50-60% compared to soil.

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  • Automatic, on-demand irrigation
  • Crop sensing
  • Drainage optimization
  • Integration with climate control
  • Data monitoring and recording