Our company was founded to address the water shortage which characterizes southern Spain.

For several years we have been working closely with leading universities, namely the Polytechnic University of Madrid and UAL in Almeria, in order to develop our revolutionary NGS® system.

Visible results

We overcome challenges and optimize technology through rigorous trial and error.

The result exceeded our expectations. Results exceeded our expectations. Our NGS® system not only contributes to water savings of over 50%, but also accelerates plant growth and improves crop quality compared to traditional methods. Farmers who implement our system benefit from exceptional performance and enhanced crop profitability.

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Solar desalination system for vertical aquaponics SODESYVA

To design a more efficient, low-cost fruit and vegetable production system by developing a vertical channel




Aquaponics with NGS system: Tench breeding and increased integration with microalgae cultivation

Combination of hydroponic fruit and vegetable cultivation, aquaculture and microalgae production.




Clipper and clips for NGS system fixation

Development and design of a clipper prototype capable of holding enough clips to enhance the NGS cultivation system layout




Feasibility study on the use of artificial light in pure hydroponic systems

To assess the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of using photosynthetic assimilation lights in a greenhouse equipped with an NGS cultivation system.




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Continuous improvement

Each year we exhaustively plan everything we want to promote and develop, all with the aim of solving specific daily problems confronted by farmers in the field.

Therefore, we continuously develop new production models, more sustainable and profitable, allowing us to have a large number of patents which speak volumes about the quality of our work.

We are proud to offer a technology which does not only benefit customers and the environment, but also drives positive change in the farming industry.

Patents and trademarks endorsing our work

Hydroponic cultivation facility

Our NGS system: multilayer gutter. To develop a multilayer system with different levels in which roots can grow thanks to the use of a recirculating nutrient solution.

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Suspended oscillating cultivation system®

Facility for suspended greenhouse cultivation. Designed mainly for strawberries, it can also be used for lettuce. We cover the entire surface area with suspended lines hanging from the greenhouse roof and electronically operated to move them up and down. Up to 300,000 plants per hectare.

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Rotational System®

System specially designed for strawberry cultivation in macrotunnel greenhouses. We attach to the ground a fixed structure where lines are hung and then moved in order to cover the entire macro-tunnel space.

There are two main reasons why lines are moved: one, to make corridors so that crops can be accessed and collected; two, to find the perfect angle so as to maximize natural light and favor good plant growth. Automatic operation.

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Automated crop cultivation system

We distribute hydroponic, movable hydroponic tables throughout the greenhouse. Automation allows us to cover the entire surface area, thus preventing empty spaces, and to make planting and harvesting inside the greenhouse much easier.

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Quality and sustainability

We understand the need to be flexible and adaptable in a changing business environment.

We value respect, humbleness, honesty and customer orientation as essential pillars to build relationships based on trust, transparency and integrity.

We strive to be a leading national and international company supported by our professionalism, respect for the environment and constant innovation in agricultural solutions.