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NGS® System






Climate control


Consultancy and Experience

All NGS projects bring significant added value, providing customers with the technical advice of our experienced technical team, which early in the project undertakes works management, as well as the commissioning and training of workers who will later run the facility.

Specific training for farm site managers

In addition, New Growing System offers the option of onsite training on the use of the system for individuals in charge of the new facility.

Our experience in the agro-industrial sector and our commitment to R&D, makes NGS® a guarantee of safety and confidence.


Creation of Agro-Technological Areas and Agro-Industrial Service Complexes.


Material to build and commission high-tech greenhouses (hydroponics).


Sustainable planning of fruit and vegetable production in high-tech facilities.


Consultancy for the maintenance of fruit and vegetable production sites.

Projects supported by consultancy and full control.

Farming consultancy and support before, during and after delivery.


Study, analysis and assessment


Consultancy and definition


Development and implementation




Training and delivery

plano de invernaderos
plano de invernaderos

Oscillating and suspended system in Mexico

The light conditions in Mexico favored the installation of an oscillating and suspended NGS system with 290,000 plants per hectare, a density much higher than that of any other greenhouse cultivation system for strawberries.
invernadero de fresas

Rotational system for strawberries in the United States

The NGS rotational system for strawberries has nearly doubled the production per square meter of traditional hydroponics systems, reducing not only labor needs but also water consumption by up to 50% due to recirculation.
invernadero de fresas

Recirculating hydroponic system for dragon fruit

The NGS recirculating hydroponic system for dragon fruit favors not only a fruit harvest the very first year, something unthinkable in the traditional soil system, but also doubling fruit production in subsequent years. In addition, the use of NGS self-pollinating varieties has favored a significant labor reduction onsite.
cultivo de pitayas

Strawberry greenhouse in Canada

In cold climates with low light in winter, the all-around greenhouse design by our technical department and our NGS system, favors a significantly earlier production, with harvesting occurring in the months when prices are best.
hombre sujetando caja con fresas
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