NGS Conquers Central Asia

Uzbekistan has decided to install the hydroponic system NGS-leaf with the aim to favor agricultural production throughout the country

As part of our international expansion and diversification process, a few months ago New Growing System undertook a new business venture in Central Asia, more specifically in Uzbekistan. Our company sealed a commercial agreement with the company Mega Agro in order to supply our hydroponic system NGS-leaf for outdoor lettuce cultivation. This project was so appealing in Uzbekistan, that in June the president of this Asian country visited the premises of Mega Agro to learn more about NGS-leaf, a product which offers the following advantages when it comes to lettuce cultivation:

  • The only hydroponic system which can be installed outdoors
  • Shorter productive cycle thanks to increasingly efficient root nutrient absorption.
  • Reduced production cycle duration contribute to an increasing number of cultivation cycles yearly.
  • Considerable water and nutrient savings thanks to recirculating irrigation.
  • Elimination of soil preparation tasks following the harvesting of lettuce, which can be immediately planted after recollection.
  • Self-oxygenation of plants, thus eliminating the disinfection process.

Uzbekistan sees the hydroponic products of New Growing System as a tool to diversify crop cultivation, thus opening new business opportunities for the country. As for NGS, this project allows us to keep growing and open new markets of strategic interest.

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