Happy Fruits cultivates strawberries at -10ºC in Bulgaria

This company purchased from New Growing System a state-of-the-art fully-equipped greenhouse to produce strawberries year-round.

Happy Fruits, name of the largest fruit producer in central Bulgaria, invested in the procurement and installation of the most technologically advanced strawberry production system from New Growing System with the aim to diversify their business portfolio. Installation of the oscillating NGS-berry system allows Happy Fruits to obtain from a 5,000 m2 surface area, the same production as in a 10,000-m2 field. The three varieties harvested by Happy Fruits will allow the company to produce and supply strawberries to their domestic market as early as March.

After assessing a number of options to develop their hydroponic facilities, Happy Fruits selected New Growing System due to the technical and logistical solvency of NGS, a Spanish company which has led projects in multiple types of weather, from deserts in the Persian Gulf to frozen regions in Canada, to name a few. In this case, New Growing System technicians equipped the new Happy Fruits facilities with a thermal stabilization system enabling temperature control and strawberry cultivation in winter, even when outdoor temperatures reach -10ºC, as it is the case now.

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