NGS-Berry Product Line Doubles Strawberry Production Without Increasing Cultivation Area

This NGS product line, currently used in the UK, Portugal and southwest Spain, offers high profitability for strawberry growers.

This new rotational system for strawberries, developed and patented by NGS, doubles production and automatically positions crops in the best location to optimize solar radiation exposure and favor photosynthesis. Another advantage of this system is that it does not interfere with the harvesting process and contributes to an easier, more efficient fruit harvesting process.

This product is in great demand in strawberry-producing regions, such as southwestern Spain, and has great potential for markets such as Canada, the United States, Japan, Korea and the United Kingdom. One of the great advantages of the system is that it allows strawberry growers to increase profitability and double production without the need to expand their facilities. This system uses the NGS Duo Multilayer Gutter, a unique component in the world that allows for excellent strawberry yields.

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