ADBlick Agro collaborates with New Growing System to develop largest hydroponic greenhouse in Argentina

The company invested 1.5 million USD in this state-of-the-art greenhouse

ADBlick Agro, specializing in the development and management of farming investment projects, recently inaugurated the largest hydroponic greenhouse in the country to sustainably and predictably produce around 300 metric tons of strawberries yearly. The greenhouse and all its equipment was transported from Spain in eight containers. According to ADBlick Agro representatives, “this is a highly innovative system allowing us to reach a concentration of 190,000 plants per hectare, three times more than in the field. Such density is achieved with the NGS’s oscillating system, which provides for central rows to work on the plants, harvest at shoulder height and considerably enhance labor conditions”.

Some featured technological innovations are automated irrigation control, enabling PH optimization and water consumption reduction of up to 90% compared to traditional cultivation techniques, as well as greenhouse climate control, allowing window opening for heat removal and air renewal faster than in other greenhouses. The greenhouse is also equipped with a weather station enabling automated window operation and data collection to optimize crops. Within a context in which consumers increasingly demand environmental commitment, the system by NGS minimizes the use of chemicals. In the near future, the company will procure two additional greenhouses of similar characteristics from NGS – Gogarsa.

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