New Growing System Enters Bulgarian Market

We collaborate with producer Happy Fruits to improve their cycle performance.

Happy Fruits, based in Novo Selo, Bulgaria, is a major producer of apples, grapes and cherries, among other crops. Happy Fruits collaborates with us on a primary goal: to produce strawberries using NGS-berry in a controlled environment, equipping its greenhouses with heaters in order to guarantee year-round production. In order to support the expansion and growth of Happy Fruits, New Growing System engineers analyzed local weather and solar conditions to determine the most suitable greenhouse equipment for Novo Selo. In addition to supplying technology to Happy Fruits, our agronomic team provided them with agricultural advisory services and designing a growth strategy to achieve a planting density of 21 pl/m2 in winter on two levels (oscillating system) without artificial light, even when solar radiation was low. This innovative solution provided Happy Fruits with pioneering results, an achievement which further motivates us to continue researching and improving customer services.

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