An Opportunity to Lead Tomorrow’s Agriculture with NGS High-Tech Systems


The European Union has responded to the economic and health crisis caused by the coronavirus with the largest program ever in terms of direct aid to member countries. To this end, it has created the ‘Next Generation EU’ fund, a temporary recovery instrument endowed with 750 billion euros, which should contribute to repairing the damages caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This initiative arises as an opportunity for the agricultural sector, which has a new tool to finance technological projects aimed at sustainable, more profitable production models.

A philosophy of action that fits the high-tech processes of the NGS and Max Pro systems, which combine innovation and sustainability to develop more productive, reliable and viable farms.

NGS is committed to supporting growers in the profound transformation undertaken by the European agrofood industry, making available to them its cutting-edge systems for substrate-free hydroponic crops and high-tech greenhouses.

And all this, offering a multidisciplinary, cradle-to-grave, project stabilization service aimed at ensure the investment made renders the greatest success. We believe NGS is ideal to favor the profitability of high environmental and economic projects, in line with the strategic recovery strategy set by the EU.

More specifically, the Spanish agrofood industry, after the automotive industry, is the one which has requested the largest volume of aid from the Resilience Fund managed by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

In addition, the Spanish agrofood industry also has access to an additional amount available through the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) through the recovery instrument ‘Next Generation EU’, with the aim to meet the challenge of a fair transformation towards a more sustainable, technological and green model.

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